Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Garden food cures 'breakfast food blahs'

For days now, I've had the "breakfast food blahs." I don't eat gluten anymore; so no toast, frozen waffles or pancakes for me. Nor do I eat oatmeal or farina. For a while I was enjoying hash browns (freezer case variety), eggs and turkey bacon. But anything all the time gets boring after a while. I've also had homemade yogurt smoothies on occasion. But lately, nothing seemed to suit.

Until this morning when I really looked at the three red potatoes I recently harvested from a "voluteer" potato vine in my garden. One was of medium size; the other two were small and one of those had a very crusty-looking skin.

I call the potato vine a volunteer because I didn't plant it this spring. Two years ago, I cut up a nearly rotten red potato and planted the pieces in a patch of earth around my witch hazel tree. They came up and I harvested some red potatoes believe it or not. I ate them, too. Some volunteers came up last spring and I pulled them out when they got to looking scroungy, eaten alive almost from flea beetles. When a new vine sprouted this spring in the very same place I let it go until it, too, got that moth eaten look. It was offensively ugly. When I jerked it up, however, I found the three potatoes mentioned above and lots of tiny red balls which could have turned it more if I let them grow.

I try to eat every food item my sloppy gardening produces. So this morning I set to peeling my little 'volunteers;' then, I sliced them very thinly and began to fry them in two little skillets with tiny amounts of butter and olive oil. I added some sliced onion (store bought) and some minced red pepper from the garden I was drying. And a small tomato, also from my garden, chopped up. Then I added one small piece of summer squash from the farmer's market, sliced but not so thinly, and finally some chopped up arugula. I seasoned with some Spike and a little garlic powder.

This made a good little golden-looking breakfast for me. Yum!

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Kish said...

Miss Annie, I LOVE potatoes. :) This looks like it turned out well. How is your weight loss coming along?