Monday, June 13, 2011

Neon orange chicken tacos

I don't remember what I asked my husband to get me at the grocery but instead of whatever it was he brought home "Sazon Goya con culantro y achiote." It comes in little foil pouches and can be used to season rice, soups and other things. The print on the packet says it gives dishes an exquisite flavor and "un precioso color."

I used a very small portion of one little packet to season the meat of two pieces of leftover baked chicken. After pulling the meat off the bones, I chopped and/or tore it up into pieces. I added a little water and Sazon Goya to the chicken and steamed it briefly in a covered sauce pan.

Voila! The mostly white meat chicken turned neon orange. It was delicious! I used it to make tacos. Here it is served with Kraft's Authentic Mexican cheese, sliced avocado and a liberal dousing of Pace Picante Sauce! (I had no tomatoes or lettuce.) By the way I use Ole soft corn tortillas and crisp them in the frying pan after lightly buttering one side.
Dancing couple at right is from CD cover for "Putumayo Presents Afro-Latin Party.

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